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The Media - Court history, court statistics, open access, court meetings, and oral arguments

Information for The Media:

  • Justice Biographies - Biographies of current Montana Supreme Court justices
  • Court Calendar - Supreme Court calendar, oral arguments, board and commission meetings, and attorney public censures
  • News Releases - Announcements issued to the news media to inform the public and other targeted publications
  • Oral Arguments - Information on oral arguments before the Montana Supreme Court, including past and upcoming arguments
  • Boards and Commissions - Regulatory, advisory, and oversight groups create by the Montana Supreme Court
  • Judgeship Vacancies - Activities of Judicial Nomination Commission, including list of candidates to fill current vacancies in Montana courts
  • Supreme Court Docket - Information on active and closed Montana Supreme Court cases
  • History - Brief history of the Montana Judicial Branch
  • State Bar of Montana - Serving people of Montana and their attorneys