Parenting Plan

Complete Packet for Parenting Plan

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How to file a Parenting Plan in Montana

How to File a Notice of Intent to Move in Montana

Child Support

Montana Child Support Guidelines Packet from the Child Support Services Division (CSSD) of the Montana Department of Health and Human Services

Montana Online Child Support Calculator from Montana Legal Services Association


MP - 114   Petition for Parenting Plan

Youtube video Instructional Video

Petition Attachments:

MP - 113-B
MP - 113-C
MP - 113-D
MP - 113-E


MP - 203   Response to Petition for Parenting Plan

MP-203 Instructional Cheat Sheet

Parenting Plan

MP - 300   Proposed Parenting Plan

Youtube video Instructional Video          MP-300 Instructional Cheat Sheet

Proposed Parenting Plan Attachments:

MP - 300-G   Description of Existing Medical Coverage

Interim Parenting Plan Documents

MP - 610.1  Motion to Adopt Proposed Parenting Plan as Interim Plan and Statement in Support

MP - 610.2  Response to Motion to Adopt Proposed Plan as Interim Plan

MP - 610.3  Reply to Response to Motion to Adopt Proposed Plan as Interim Plan

MP - 610.4  Order Adopting Interim Parenting Plan and Setting Hearing


MP - 414   Summons – Parenting Plan

Youtube video Instructional Video

MP - 401.30  Request for Sheriff to Serve Documents

MP - 402.1   Request for Order Granting Service By Publication

MP - 402.2   Order for Service of Summons By Publication

MP - 402.3   Summons for Publication

MP - 403.14    Notice and acknowledgment of Service

MP - 403.24    Acknowledgement of Service

MP - 404      Notice and Acknowledgement to CSED and Attorney General

MP-404 Instructional Cheat Sheet

MP - 407      Notice to Person Not Named


MP - 611.1  Motion requesting Order for Mediation

MP - 611.2  Mediation Summary

MP - 611.3  Order for Mediation

MP - 612    Notice of Agreement

Hearing and Decree

MP - 721  Request for Hearing on Parenting Plan

MP - 722  Order Granting Hearing on Parenting Plan

Vital Statistics Reporting Form *Don't Forget to Fill Me Out*

Notice of Intent to Move

MP – 904  Notice of Intent to Move