Joint Petition without Children

Disclaimer - These forms were drafted by the Access to Justice Commission Standing Committee on Self Represented Litigants.  They are currently posted for use in the Pilot Project Counties, Cascade and Gallatin. For questions about these forms, please contact

Informational Materials

Complete Packet for Dissolution without Children

Form Instructions

How to File for Divorce in Montana (Joint Dissolution without Children)


MP - 115   Joint Petition for Dissolution Without Children

Petition Attachments:

MP - 113-E

Financial Documents

MP – 500     Financial Disclosure and Proposed Property Distribution

Financial Disclosure Attachments

MP - 500-A Additional Real Property
MP - 500-B  Additional Vehicle
MP - 500-C  Additional Accounts
MP - 500-D  Additional Debts

MP - 510        Income and Expenses

Income and Expenses Attachments:

MP - 510-A Additional Income
MP - 510-B  Additional Expenses

Hearing and Decree

MP - 701  Request for Hearing and Statement of Compliance with Financial Disclosure

MP - 704  Notice and Entry of Decree

MP - 713  Dissolution Decree without Children

MP - 714  Order Granting Hearing on Dissolution without Children

MP - 730  Consent to Entry of Decree

Affidavit for Entry of Decree of Dissolution of Marriage Without Hearing

Vital Statistics Reporting Form *Don't Forget to Fill Me Out*