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Case Processing Measures


2018 Statewide Case Processing Measure Annual Report Jan-Dec


2017 Statewide Case Processing Measure Annual Report Jan-Dec


2016 Statewide Case Processing Measure Annual Report Jan-Dec


2015 Statewide Case Processing Measure Annual Report Jan-Dec



Report of Recommendations for the Adoption, Implementation and Integration of a Court Management Tools System for the Montana District Courts May 2010

District Court Case Management Tools: Concept of Operation

Table. Definitions of Montana District Court Case Types, Case Opening and Closing, and Time Reference Points May 2010

District Court caseload and workload summary

2009-2017 District Court Workload Review

2009-2015 District Court Workload Review

2008-2013 District Court Workload Review

Judicial Needs Model

2013, 2015

Case Filings and Dispositions

2018 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2017 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2016 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2015 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2014 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2013 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2012 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2011 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2010 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2009 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2008 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2007 Case Filings and Dispositions**

2006 Case Filings and Dispositions

2005 Case Filings and Dispositions

2004 Case Filings and Dispositions

2003 Case Filings and Dispositions

Average Number of Case Filings Per Judge

**Statistics for the District Courts, starting in 2007, are produced through the Central Court Repository, maintained by the Supreme Court Administrator’s Office. In 2007, the District Courts were in the middle of a transition to a new, modern case management system so statistics were gathered from the legacy case management system and the new case management system. Questions can be directed to the Supreme Court Administrator's Office at 406-841-2950.

The District Court Workload study measures the number of judges needed to adequately manage the caseload in an individual judicial district. The numbers are based on a time-study conducted in 2006 by the National Center for State Courts. The Workload Study, updated each year, sets the standard for resource allocation in the District Courts.

Montana District Court Judicial Weighted Caseload Study, 2014

Montana District Courts Judicial Need Model: 2014 Case Weights with 2013 Case Filings